Some days before the session:

It is important to prepare yourself by setting up a purpose with the session before you arrive. Anyone planning to attend a session should be honest with yourself and you will get what you need.

 The phrase below may be useful for the session as it helps you to come in contact with Your Subconscious mind.

"I feel that I have a clear and direct communication with My Higher Self."

This sentence is important to repeat to yourself.

How can you best approach a QHHT session?

However, it is not important that you believe in life after death. Faith is not necessary for The Higher Self. Whatever your questions are, all the answers that The Higher Self gives will help us achieve balance, fulfillment, understanding, and happiness. Have an open mind and curiosity with no expectations. Whatever happens, it will be just what you need. QHHT is a truly unique experience, providing different experiences for each person. When you are open and relaxed, you have a direct contact with your subconscious and you can achieve the changes you want.                                   

Stephan Gilligan describes how, during a hypnosis session, you let go of:                                                 

Stephan Gilligan describes how, during a hypnosis session, you let go of: Your normal identity - the way you think, the way you talk, the way you react. The feeling of yourself sinks to a much deeper level, so that everything else becomes malleable.

 Write down questions you want Your Higher Self should answer (Only QHHT session/regression )

Please limit your questions to a maximum of 15 questions. The questions are about you - not about anyone else. Put the questions in order of importance to you, as we may not be able to address them all. There are no limits to what you can ask when communicating with Your Higher Self. Many people come with questions about their life-purpose, work, health, finances or the future. .

Below are some examples of questions you can ask (Only QHHT session/regression )

What is the meaning with my life? Am I on the right track? How can I get calm and balance? Do I have any karma I need to work through?

What is it that prevents me from get ahead in my relationship, my job, etc....? Do I have a soulmate?

I do not enjoy my job. Should I find a new job? What should I study at school?

Why do I have this allergy or disease? I have had asthma since birth. Why? Can my discomfort be healed?

The day of the session:

Caffeine: Limit the use of caffeine to just one cup. Caffeine makes you awake. No drugs or alcohol on the session day. Drink a lot of water.

Remember to eat well before the session begins. The session lasts 5 to 6 hours. You may want to bring some snack after the session.

Meditation helps you to empty your mind. If you not meditate, do something that calms you.

You should wear good, loose, clothing that will not prevent your blood circulation, as you lying in bed for a while. If you usually freeze, bring extra clothes and socks.

The session will consist of three parts, an interview, the regression part and a short conversation about the session itself.

Attendance at 10:00 AM or by appointment

The best thing for you is if you come  with your questions and intentions, without being linked to the outcome.

Can I bring someone with me?
Even if you may feel the need for some support, from family or friends during the session, it`s best for you to come alone. First of all, you open up easier and you do not keep back information useful in the process. Secondly, personal information may appear during the session that you not want to share. It is with great respect for you that I do not want anyone else present in the room.

A session may take many hours. If you do not drive yourself, plan on how to make contact after the session is complete, for where to meet.

During the session you will be guided into a deep relaxed state of mind (Theta). This is the condition you are in every day in the morning, when you get out of sleep, and in the evening shortly before you fall asleep. It is a very creative state where you can explore and communicate with deeper levels of consciousness. Allow yourself to stay in one with what you see and then the session will be more successful.

Just enjoy the experience and let the universe take care of the details.

Audio recording: There will be audio recording of the session, but it is only by regression that the client takes the recording with him. Bring a 4 GB USB flash drive. (QHHT session only) Listening to the recording is of the utmost importance. The hypnotherapist retains the original recording, but is not allowed to share this to anyone without the client's consent. DO NOT HEAR THE RECORDING WHEN DRIVING A CAR !!!!

Important: Healing can occur immediately during the session, or it may take a few weeks or months before you feel any change and you may be in doubt. Any doubt or skepticism will completely undermine the work done by Your Higher Self ( The Subconsious ) during the session. It is important to listen to the recording and feel and believe in what you have received during the session of Your Higher Self, which is especially meant for you. Since the Vibration of Your Higher Self was recorded, you will continue to receive healing every time you listen to the recording.

After the session: A short conversation about the session itself, what you have experienced and how you perceived the session. It's best not to lie down when you get home, because you have to eat something after the session and go for a trip to "ground" you. Plan the rest of the day that does not require much concentration or physical hard work. For three days after the session, you have a direct contact with Your Higher Self, so be aware that Your Higher Self will find it easier to communicate with you through dreams, feelings or meditation. This varies from person to person.

How many sessions do I need?

Because QHHT is such a thorough process, most people only need one session. Multiple sessions can be added if desired.

Is the Quantum Theta Healing a substitute for medical treatment?

A hypnosis session must never be invoked instead of seeking professional medical advice, treatment or diagnosis. Professional medical treatment must not be ignored or delayed due to something you have interpreted on this website. You should promptly seek advice from qualified healthcare professionals for any medical conditions you may have.