Coaching your Subconscious mind

Understanding the unconscious mind and conscious mind is to compare with an iceberg and how the two parts of our mind can work better. Only a small percentage of the entire iceberg is visible above the surface. while the unconscious mind, the largest and most powerful part remains unseen under the surface.

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Subconscious does not differentiate between reality and fantasy

Is it true that the subconscious mind does not know the difference between reality and fantasy? How can we prove this? A simple example would be your emotional reaction when watching a movie. Think of a sad movie that made you cry or at least made you dumb. Or think of a horror movie that made you splurge! You know it's just a movie. Why did you react with such feelings? Your conscious mind knows that it is not real and that it is just a movie, but your subconscious mind has taken it for real. The subconscious mind is 5 times more powerful than the conscious mind. Your emotional reaction from a movie is the evidence to substantiate the overwhelming power of your subconscious mind in relation to your conscious mind.

Brain scientists say that there are no filters in the subconscious mind in our brain to differentiate between fantasy and reality, and therefore everything is believed to be real. Thus, the subconscious mind cannot know the difference between being real or false. This information is very useful and is of the utmost importance, which you can use to your advantage, in your personal development work.

If you can imagine or play your role very well, bring out the desired emotions that make it look believable, and your subconscious mind will take it to be real.

You can imagine scenarios in your mind, to influence permanent change, with proper visualization techniques. That is, by playing the movie in your mind, it makes it look very realistic. You can make your mind lively and realistic by visualizing, using emotions and words to the best of your ability.

By doing the right visualization for approx. 7 days, you will create a new neural pathway. As you continue to do the visualization for approx. 21 to 30 days, you would have created new habits.

You can choose to change something within yourself. The only limitation to the changes is your old belief, which tells you that change is not possible.

Remember, the more you fight for a belief, the more you own it. In other words, the more you resist your inherent ability to change you to grow, the more you become as before.

 To change your life, you need to change your mind. In order to manage to change your mind, Your Subconsciousness must coach you and find the skills you have. Re-programming Your Subconsciousness is crucial to your success and will enable you to stay positive to make your dreams come true. Sometimes you encounter obstacles that block our way of thinking. Unfortunately, these obstacles are caused by our own thoughts.

There are two parts of The Conscious mind: The Conscious mind is the logic place while The Subconscious is reached by memories, imagination and emotions. The Conscious mind is responsible for the many things you choose to do. Example: Once you've learned to drive a motorcycle, Your Conscious mind makes the most of the work. You are thinking of pushing the clutch when changing gear, steering the wheel properly so you don`t crash and push the brakes when you drive too fast. After a while, driving needs less and less attention. In the end, it's like you're on the autopilot when driving. You do not have to think about all the moves.

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The subconscious is powerful, but why is it powerful? How does the subconscious mind work?

Example: I'm happy or I feel safe. To confirm that, three ingredients are needed. Words, clear visualization and a corresponding feeling. Most people don't understand this when it comes to confirm this, they just say the words, don't visualize, and with no emotion.

If I say I love an apple? When I say the word apple, the subconscious mind knows that I like and love it. But what apple? My mind gets confused because it seeks through my whole subconscious (my hard drive) from the day I was born for red apple, green apple, yellow apples, sweet and sour apples. What apples is he talking about? So words alone are not enough. That's why we have visualization. When I say I love apples and I visualize a bright red apple, my mind goes. Oh! That's what he's talking about. Therefore, words and visualization are important. Emotions are energy. Tesla said, "To find the universe secrets, think energy, frequency and vibration! Everything is made of energy that vibrates at a certain frequency.

If I go into my subconscious, I repeat a confirmation, for example, "I am happy". With Clear visualization of knowing what it feels like to be happy? Then it starts vibrating in my subconscious at the same frequency and energy. So each chain has molecules and atoms that vibrate at a certain frequency that binds it together and creates a certain matter. Many boys and girls tell me that they are still attracted to the same type of person in their lives. Why?

A simple example: A boy and a girl meet. They are together for two years, have a good intimate relationship, and then there is a break between them. He hangs out with his friends to get over the relationship. She buys chocolate, drinks wine with her friends to get over him. After six months she feels she's over John, she's ready to date again. But who does she attract into her life again? A similar guy, but another person, with the same vibration, but with a name called Peter. Why? Because Sue has vibrations, experiences, emotional experiences that vibrate the frequency of John in her subconscious mind. They are no longer together, but the experiences she had with John still vibrate on John's frequency in her subconscious mind. Who do you think she attracts on a new date? Another John, called Peter at a similar frequency is being drawn to her. Energy does not know how to distinguish between what is good for you and what is not good for you. It is just a similar frequency that is drawn to you. So if you know how the subconscious works and you know how to program it, choose positive words, clear clear visualization and a corresponding feeling. Feeling is the most important component because it is the actual energy that attracts the vibration.

The Unconscious Mind controls you 95% of the day

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