Hypnoterapi: første økt 1500 kr, etterfølgende økt 1000 kr (1 time til 1,5 time per økt) I en hypnoseøkt trenger jeg å vite hva problemet er og hva du ønsker å oppnå?

En hypnoseøkt er ren behandling, men det er ikke en regresjon.

Hypnose brukes til å behandle tilstander eller endre vaner som:

Depresjon, angst, kroniske smerter, vekttap, frykt og fobier, stress, lav selvtillit, sinneproblemer, sjalusi, rusmisbruk, røykeslutt, emosjonell spising, stamming, IBS, fibromyalgi, psoriasis og etc.

1 Regression QHHT (Dolores Cannon)  (3-4 hours) NOK 2500,-

During a Qhht session or regression, you may experience memories of a past life or memories of the current life. You get healing for both mental and physical from the subconscious and answers to your questions.
Between life and life  (3-4 hours)  kr 2500, -
In between life and lives, we focus on the life we have in the spiritual dimension, with the purpose of reviewing and previewing our past lives, present and future lives. During the session you will get in touch with your Spiritual Guide, Soul Group and Soul Council, and you will get answers to your spiritual questions.    

To take this session you must have a previous life regression first.
Advanced Early life regression  ( 2 - 3 hours)          Kr 2500,-                           
A regression of a previous life is a technique that uses hypnosis to restore memories from previous lives. A previous life regression can reveal events from previous lives such as mental, emotional or physical problems that may have originated in traumatic experiences from previous lives.
Spiritual Realese Therapy(SRT) (2-3 hours)
A session NOK 2000, - 3 sessions NOK 5000, -

Spiritual Realese Therapy is a special form of healing, but which is still something relatively unusual in therapy. The natural spirit of a human is a fundamental reality. The purpose of SRT is;
Each person has a physical body with a spirit attached to it.
SRT edition has A physical body with Several spirits attached to it.

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